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This is the security page, with, of course security information and links. Well worth a read, it might stop your PC getting owned. It might stop your credentials for say online banking being nicked and used by someone else to empty your account(s). Non believer? Have a look at the entries on Krebs On Security, especially crooks steal from Illinois town

I know security can be a bit boring for some, but have a read, it may save you a lot of grief in the long run. If you use online banking then maybe you should use a live cd for it. See the link above, including the comments. All of them are really worth reading.


We all have plenty of passwords to remember and sometimes it is easier if we make them the same. However, that is not a good idea. Writing them down is also a bad idea. Because I have a lot of passwords to remember (100+, yes over 100!) I use a program called Keepass. I use the Linux version as well, called Keepassx. All you need to do is remember one password, for the database.

Very Important - Common Sense

Do NOT give out any user names, passwords, PINS or other personal/login details in emails or when someone calls you. Emails are insecure and you don't actually know who it is on the other end of the phone do you? They could be anybody unless of course you are expecting the call and have caller ID. Don't click on links in emails that are supposedly from your bank. I know this is like teaching your granny to suck eggs, I am sure you are all savvy enough to not do these things, but this is a just in case. That one time when you think it is alright, don't do it. Trust nobody. If in doubt, report that email or put the phone down and call your bank (or whoever they are supposed to be) on the proper number. I will try and get a list of all the email addresses to send email scams to for the various banks. Meanwhile, here is a link to Fraudwatch International. You can subscribe to their alerts. You can also forward scams to them at

Phishing emails

These are emails designed to coax you into clicking on a link in the email and entering your login details for a particular site, eg a banking site. Perhaps the email has an attachment that has a virus or trojan in it or clicking on the link downloads one from a dodgy website. Banks, building societies and other institutions will _NOT_ send you emails asking you to click on a link in the email and enter your login details. If they do, complain. If in doubt, don't click. You could call the organisation and ask them if the email is genuine.

There is one email doing the rounds at present, that appears to be from the Inland Revenue. it is about an income tax refund. DON'T click on the link. If it isn't blocked by your browser, a proxy or other program you will have some dodgy software installed on your PC (most probably a trojan) which could steal your passwords and usernames for banking sites and other sites.

Internet banking - webconverger cd

OK, so what's webconverger all about? It is a CD image that you can burn to CD or put onto a USB memory stick. It is designed to support web apps only so you don't need a powerful PC to use it. Useful for internet banking and similar tasks that require surfing the net. I found it when reading one of the comments on this article on Rapport, a security product that some banks in the US of A are asking their customers to use for internet banking. It is the 14th comment in case you want to read it. Thank you to Brian again for an excellent article.

You can use the free version or order a customised version. I have just (01May2010) downloaded the free version and I will check it out. I will let you know how it goes. I will probably be installing it inside Virtual Box for starters, I want to see what it looks like first.

Here's one for people interested in conspiracies, spying guides, and other similar info. Do you know what info is gathered by an Xbox or held by hotmail? Go on, have a look.

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