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Hoaxes? Or not?

True or false? Those emails we get, are they scams, or rumours designed to get people flooding the internet (and mail servers) with what is essentially junk mail or are they really true? Will Microsoft really pay up if you forward on that email to 3000 people?

Another good site for information on hoaxes/scams is Hoax Slayer. It also mentions email, computer and virus security. Hoax Slayer is mentioned on my hoaxes page, concerning the recent facebook hoax going round about automation labs. Thank you to Clare for Hoax Slayer.

3Feb 2010 - there is a hoax going round on facebook, see the info on Snopes. Automation Labs are all about automating tasks on Farmville, a game on Facebook.

Hoax Slayer also has info on this hoax here. Similar to snopes. Thank you Clare:-)

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