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To write this website I am using vim, bluefish, amaya. I am using kompozer within portableapps - useful when I'm at work and need to do an update:-)

1. Information sites.

True or false? Those emails we get, are they scams, or rumours designed to get people flooding the internet (and mail servers) with what is essentially junk mail or are they really true? Will Microsoft really pay up if you forward on that email to 3000 people?

Is that email telling porkies? Will microsoft really cough up all that dosh? Snopes

Another good site for information on hoaxes/scams is Hoax Slayer. It also mentions email, computer and virus security. Hoax Slayer is mentioned on my hoaxes page, concerning the recent facebook hoax going round about automation labs. Thank you to Clare for Hoax Slayer.

This site deals with more than emails - Legends.

Also, on, there is something you should be aware of, it is to do with a zinc based cold remedy called Zicam which is causing cases of anosmia The article states it may only affect a few people. However, it has caused some people to lose their sense of taste and smell.

For reviews on computers, cameras, printer, etc, have a look at Trusted Reviews.

2. Security/privacy links on the net

These links are concerned with personal privacy, your privacy and security. I would suggest reading them. They may not come to fruition but it is worth reading them.

We might need all sorts of ID when we go to vote.

So you think you're safe when surfing? Nobody is looking at your sufing or what you're downloading? Think again.

Use the google toolbar? You might like to read about a 'bug' in it on the register.

Want to be safer online? Go to Get Safe Online. You should find some valuable tips there. Try the online quiz and make sure you read the answers before picking your answwers. I got 2 wrong but they weren't technical ones.

For all of you out there who insist on using Windows, why not visit Gibson Research. There is plenty to read on their website about Windows security and some good tools for testing how (in)secure your PC is:)

There is also a website called This supplies a tool called NMAP Security scanner which is very useful. It will scan the ports you specify on the machine you specify (by IP Address) and tell you what it finds, eg ports open and any other info like operating system.

3. Hardware/software resources

Building a website or coding? Need source code, javascript? Try The free country.

Need some (free) software, not sure where to go, try Sourceforge.

Need/want to learn Linux? Try courses at

More questions about Linux?

Linux security news and information can be found at Linux Security

Want to look at Linux but not sure which distribution to go for? Not sure where to look? Try Distrowatch. There are over 100 distributions for you to try, although some are variations on each other.

Need a replacement battery or power supply adapter for something? Try PSA parts.

Or try Mail Order Batteries who also have chargers.

Need a replacement remote control for that tv or DVD player? Try AV UK ltd. They also have batteries.

Looking for something and you're not sure who makes it? try the Applegate Business to Business Directory. Quoting them from their website they have information on 318,187 companies cross referenced to 93,009 products. They get 57 million page impressions per year.

Check out Toms hardware Page for information on computer hardware.

4. Miscellaneous sites

For now, sites that do not seem to come under any other heading will come under this one. This will change, maybe even on a daily basis.

You may have heard of cashback sites. I use Top Cashback. One of the better, if not the best cashback sites to use.

Maybe not the right place for this link but it needs to go in while I think about it. The Telephone Preference Service is a useful place to register if you are fed up with unsolicited phone calls. It works. It can take up to about a month because it takes that long for the updated database to filter through to companies. Well worth doing.

They also have the Mailing Preference Service for stopping unsolicted mail. We did a long time ago and the amount of post dropped by about 90%. This can also take up to a month to take effect.

They also have the Fax Preference Service for faxes.

Need cheaper/free calls, including to abroad? I get 1p per minute to Canada. Try You call a freephone number (from landline, a landline from a mobile), and you get cheap/free calls. Just add a debit card. So instead of paying Virgins ridiculous price of over 10p per minute to Canada I pay 1p per minute. That's landlines and mobiles. Italy is also 1p per minute.

If your ISPs DNS servers aren't performing like they should how about switching to OpenDNS's DNS servers?OpenDNS. To save you time, here are the DNS server settings - and Make them your DNS servers. Linux, edit /etc/resolv.conf so the nameserver lines look like this :



Windows - that's longer to explain. I will add that shortly.

One browser I use is opera. It is an excellent browser. It is currently at version 10.10.

5. Flights

Try Skyscanner" for cheap flights

6. Search engines and related sites

SearchPlacement Pros will work to get your site to the top of search engine

Anti-spam links :

The Anti-Spam HOWTO FAQ

Fight Spam on the internet

my bikes computery stuff cute animals Derion gardening geek stuff hoaxes howtos home jokes menu code newsflashes scenery security Rocky Club Blog sport & fitness stories template text jokes

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